Scan of pages from SU Fuel Pump Manual kindly provided by Graeme. In addition, a further article submitted by TomC regarding the overhaul of SU fuel pumps…

In a June 2009 thread 1948 fuel pumps ID, morris-CS8 posted scans of pages from a SU Fuel Pump Manual – apologies for the poor resolution.

SU Fuel Pump Article will take you there.

This further article on the subject of overhauling SU fuel pumps is based on the work of Clifford F. Knight, who kindly has allowed me to plagiarise his original work.  The original was written with reference to the use of the SU fuel pump in MG TA, TB and TC Type Midgets, so credit for the hard work is due to him and not me.

Tomas Christie [TomC]

Additional information is also available here: – Servicing the SU Petrol Pump