A selection of photos kindly provided by (and copyright of) Antony Barrington Brown from the 1955/6 First Overland Expedition.

50 years ago six students from Oxford and Cambridge set out in two Land-Rovers to drive from London to Singapore.

Tim Slessor’s book of the Expedition, ‘First Overland’, has been a classic ever since, and it has now been re-printed by Signal Books to celebrate the 50th Anniversary.  But the Expedition only went ahead because its financial viability was assured by David Attenborough when he commissioned 3 films for the BBC. They were shot in colour by Antony Barrington-Brown (‘BB’).

The original film footage from the 1955 Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition is now available on DVD having been re-mastered and edited, with a commentary by BB and Tim Slessor.