The photos in this section have been provided by Peter Hughes, Technical Officer of LRSOC, originally loaned to the Club by the estate of the late Andrew Barnard of Allester.

Although Andrew Barnard is believed to have taken these photographs, the original prints of some of these images may be held at the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, Gaydon, on behalf of Rover. Their archives department should be contacted before any images are reproduced in digital or print form.

1952 Land-Rover Tractor prototype

In 1952 Land Rover trialled this prototype Land-Rover Tractor as a possible competition for the Ferguson’s of the day. The vehicle could apparently be lowered and raised on its axles to give suitable clearance but never made it to production due to stability issues during testing.

1953 Royal Review Land-Rover

Following the 86 inch launch, the recently crowned Queen used a number of these vehicles on the Royal Tour in 1953. The Royal vehicles were painted black with black leather upholstery, black galvanised cappings and chrome painted bumpers and grilles.

1954 Land-Rover ‘Mini-Bus’ prototype

Registered in 1954, this proto-type ‘forward control’ 12 seater mini-bus had its fibreglass bodywork moulded by Saunders Roe. It was later sold to Marples Ridway & Partners and used by Ernest Marples MP, the then Minister for Transport, in Switzerland.

The photo below was provided by club member Simon Dewing who acquired it as part of a collection for sale on eBay.

1958 Land-Rover / Jeep prototype

Using the transmission and chassis from an 88 inch model (shortened to 83 inches) this hybrid Land-Rover/Willys Jeep prototype was created by Land Rover as potential partnership discussions between the two companies were held. Ultimately, no association was formed but an interesting prototype all the same.