LR0083 – Water Temperature/Oil Pressure Gauge (233480)

LR0083 – Water Temperature/Oil Pressure Gauge (233480)

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The gauge comes complete with the water temperature capillary tube and bulb, which is intended to mate with a 3/8” BSP union (part no. 218512) fitted in the side of the thermostat housing.

Some thermostat housings were supplied with tapped holes ready for a gauge and heater tap to be fitted (may be fitted with a blanking plugs). Some thermostat housings were supplied without holes and will need to be drilled and tapped. Please check what you have and ensure you are able carry out any necessary modifications.

If you vehicle has been previously fitted with an original type gauge the correct union will already be fitted.

Connection to the oil pressure gauge should be made by flexible pipe with a 1/8” BSP female union, this is not included with the gauge.

A fitting kit is available (our part LR0069) which contains the parts required to connect the oil pressure gauge and retain the original oil pressure switch/light.

In an 80” vehicle the gauge is often mounted in the blanking plate covering the LHD steering column hole (avoids cutting holes in the bulkhead). In 86”/88” vehicles the gauge is normally mounted on an auxiliary panel on the left of the main instrument panel. Parts for this are not supplied.


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Suitable for all Series One vehicles.

Replacement for part number 233480

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Weight 500 g

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