LR0069 – Fitting Kit (Temperature/Oil Pressure)

LR0069 – Fitting Kit (Temperature/Oil Pressure)

£45.00 + VAT

The fitting kit contains a special 3/8” BSP adapter to fit the water temperature bulb into the Series 1 thermostat housing, flexi pipe for oil pressure line and special unions for connecting the oil line to the engine block. This allows the original oil pressure switch and light to be retained.

There are two variations of the kit for 1.6 litre and 2 litre vehicles, please select as appropriate.

Please note: Some thermostat housings were supplied with tapped holes ready for a gauge and heater tap to be fitted (may be fitted with blanking plugs). Some thermostat housings were supplied without holes and will need to be drilled and tapped. Please check what you have been supplied and ensure you are able carry out any necessary modifications.

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1.6 litre and  2 litre engines

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1.6 litre, 2 litre


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