LR0047 – Land-Rover – The Formative Years 1947-1967 : John Smith

LR0047 – Land-Rover – The Formative Years 1947-1967 : John Smith


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Specifically written for the ‘Series One Land-Rover enthusiast, and published in-house by the Land-Rover Series One Club, John Smith’s book is the definitive volume covering the first 20 years of Land-Rover development. The book is in A4 format, and has 320 pages of text accompanied by some 500 factory photographs, drawings, and other illustrations.

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Never before has the story surrounding the formative years of the Land-Rover been told in such depth or such detail. This is the story of a bygone age when the Rover Company was still an independent car manufacturer in the capable hands of two brothers, Spencer and Maurice Wilks, who were in over all charge of both long term planning and the day-to-day running of the company.

For John, early Land-Rovers have been the passion of a lifetime. His book has been painstakingly researched over 25-years with the full cooperation of Maurice Wilks’ son Stephen, who provided much of the background, including photographs, surrounding his fathers original vision for the ‘go-anywhere, do-anything’ cross country car that became the Land-Rover. The late Gordon Bashford kindly lent John his personal ledger, containing all his hand-written notes and sketches used for the initial development of the Land-Rover. The book’s foreword has been written by Stephen Wilks.

“John’s excellent book traces the real story surrounding these early Land Rovers, from the first embryonic hybrid prototype of 1947 and on through the production model’s continuous development over the following 20 years. These were the formative years of the Land Rover that were to firmly establish its reputation as The World’s Most Versatile Vehicle I can think of no better person to write such a book.”

Stephen Wilks, President of the Land Rover Series One Club

Land-Rover The Formative Years is available at Club price of £30.00 incl postage and packing for UK addresses – see Delivery options for EU and RoW prices.

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