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New Member from Mexico
- Jun 30, 2022 - 16:06
Good Evening to Everybody :-)
My name is Matthias Heyer, I am a German living since 2008 in Mexico and the owner of "Euro-Latino Racing-Services", a vintage race-car
and restoration shop with 1,500 square meters and 12 Mechanics Team in beautiful San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico. We have an office
dependence in Laredo Texas, which is at the same moment my international shipping address.

We have the amazing honor to totally restore a 1953 80" 2.0L Series 1 which seems to be still in the hands of the first (MAYBEEEE second) owner:
A Spanish civil war refugee, entering Mexico as a mechanic, buying this Series 1 as his first car, and working his way up to be owner of a giant
Hacienda in Villahermosa in the state of Tabasco. Interestingly, he ALWAYS kept using this Series 1 as his daily driver, and after his death his children
and family always kept her in honor, so the car has an amazing interesting personal history.
Unfortunately time took its toll, so it is absolutely time for a total restoration now, and stop giving her superficial repairs since decades:
The chassis is just "gone", and we will need a new one - RichardsChassis is involved already, and we will not use a galvanized one, but keep her a little
more original. Very unfortunately, the 2.0L engine has a crack on the top between cylinder 3 and 4 and the head gone, so we either will need a new
engine block or MAYBE swap for a 2.25 engine. The transmission&transfer are also not in "best" conditions, and both axles are totally worn out (front
dif. is even missing), so it MIGHT be a fair choice to replace things with all-series 3 parts. Yes, I know this is a crime, and this is exact the reason why I
just paid my membership here, to see if you guys can help me with your knowledge and parts to maybe find a 2.0L IoE engine block and head,
transmission parts and 2 complete axles . . . We would like to honor her and her families history !!!!


Matthias Heyer

Photo 1: Daughter and me with car, when we picked her up in Villahermosa, a 1,100km/ 680miles drive to our shop in San Miguel de Allende :-)
Photo 2: engine and transmission after disassembly, just organized on the floor.

3 Thanks.

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Re: New Member from Mexico
Reply #1 - Jun 30, 2022 - 17:15
Hi Matthias,

A warm welcome to you and ALL things series 1 on the forum !

Good luck with your projects and keep those photos coming !!

Fen Boy.

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Re: New Member from Mexico
Reply #2 - Jun 30, 2022 - 20:11
Hi Fen Boy

Thank you very much for your warm words. Happy to comply with pictures of our restoration :-)

Silly question: In which section of the forum do you think I should ask for my "needs", getting some
input and information about swap or no swap, and parts :-) ?

Best Regards

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Re: New Member from Mexico
Reply #3 - Jun 30, 2022 - 20:51
Welcome to the forum,
Love the 2nd photo of all the parts laid out. As for which section of the forum to use it's probably best to just have a look through and see which one is closest to your question. If you get it completely wrong the moderators will move it to the right section. It's well worth trying the search function as there is a host of information on here which covers most aspects of the vehicles. 

Good luck with the rebuild.


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Re: New Member from Mexico
Reply #4 - Jun 30, 2022 - 23:57
Hello Matthias, welcome to the club and ownership of a series one.  I also am lucky to own a 1953 80", it too had one owner for the first 60 years of it's life.
The one thing I would urge you to do is to think and plan carefully. If you wish to keep the vehicle original, and that is possible, be prepared to spend quite a lot of money and time on your vehicle.

A great deal of the problems can be resolved by repairing the existing components.  Your cracked block can be stitched back together, the axles are really quite easy to recondition, most parts can be sourced or repaired.

I have great respect for Mexican engineering skills, as I'm sure you've found since starting your business.  As others have said use the search function first then ask questions, people on here are helpful and will advise you.  One more tip don't throw anything away, label and box it, you'll be surprized hoe often you will need to refer back to something you nearly threw away!

Good luck.

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Re: New Member from Mexico
Reply #5 - Jul 01, 2022 - 01:56
Hello Matthias

First welcome I am in Oshkosh WI USA and also own a 1953 with a 2L Siamese bore engine. Mind cracked between 1-2 cylinder, There is a great company in Cambridge IA USA that does cast block welding and they repaired mine for a very reasonable cost.. Ike Goss at Pangolin 4x4 is a great guy to get help from, He is based in Springfield OR USA.  For advice and high quality engine parts Ian Cox of Cox and Turner Engineering is excellent. Of course the members of this Club are also a Huge help.. Good luck  Steve Owen Oshkosh WI USA

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Re: New Member from Mexico
Reply #6 - Jul 01, 2022 - 06:39

Congratulations on a fine-looking vehicle with what appears to be unique provenance!

I'm an American living in Germany who drives a '53 80" as well that was originally a Royal Air Force vehicle.  Its original 2.0-litre “Siamese-bore” engine was first replaced with a 1.6 litre engine from a '51 80”, which was in turn replaced with another 2.0-litre “Siamese-bore” engine from a '53 Series I 80”, which later seized and was replaced with a “later spread-bore” 2.0-litre engine from a '57 Series I 88” using as many original parts as possible.  So, whilst non-matching engine/chassis numbers from the factory were common, as were engine swaps-outs over the years, the only piece of advice I'd proffer would be to resist the temptation to drop a Series 2, 2a, or 3 2.25 litre motor in; ditto for any Series 3 running gear.  As you're doubtless aware, the German authorities are very tough on granting "H-Kennzeichen", and whilst they accepted the '57 2-litre as type-correct, they would not have accepted a '58 petrol nor diesel 2.25.  I have no idea what your longer-term life plans may be, but I'd suggest you future-proof the truck as if preparing for export to Germany (where it would be very prized especially as it's left-hand drive), which would likely maximize its eventual collectability anywhere else in the world versus creating what's called a "bitsa" ("bits ot this, bits of that") .

I can also provide some names of classic Land Rover restorers here in Germany if you ever want to speak to someone in your native language.  I've done some work on mine over the years, often with the help of one of them, including some mandatory safety modifications to pass TÜV, new carburetor, fuel lines, electrical, new speedometer, etc. , and this forum has proven a great source of guidance and inspiration.

I'll underscore the recommendations on Ike Goss at Pangolin 4x4 in Oregon , and I have had good experiences with Rovers North back home.  There are lots of speciality British car restorers in Texas who might prove helpful on parts importation, and the LRSOC Club Shop is a great resource (I am soon to install a temperature/oil pressure gauge) .

Good luck with the project!


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Re: New Member from Mexico
Reply #7 - Jul 05, 2022 - 02:09
Thank you My Friend.
Unfortunately, I am in Mexico, not in Germany any more since 14 years, so parts questions etc. would
be easier in USA and GB directly . . .
meanwhile I am searching for a Series 3 rolling Chassis or axles plus transmission/Transfer, and we will
search for a 2.5 or a 2.25 3-bearing engine to use a 2.5 Crank, rods & Pistons . . .

If you know by any chance somebody with these parts - I would be veeery happy !!!!

Best Regards


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