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Hi from Gatwick
- Jan 22, 2009 - 14:12
Hi folks,

4 months ago I bought back a 109" truck cab which I originally owned 8 years ago before foolishly selling it to a friend. It had been my daily driver for 3 years but had started to let me down regularly with an unpredictable electrical glitch and I lost my patience and sold it. I immediately regretted this as my friend scraped off the original markings I’d found under the many layers of paint and which I'd carefully preserved, and he painted all the cappings in silver Hammerite, fitted silly wheels, extra lights, a winch, extra switches, a modern heater and a S111 canvas with butchered hoops. He also chucked the tatty but original full-width seat back rest and replaced the seats with cheap black vinyl over sponge things.

I originally bought ‘Cyril’ from a woodsman who had been using it as his work vehicle hauling logs in from the woods. It was painted Dulux green and had tatty 107” front wings, a home-built bulkhead and wiring loom and a Land Rover straight six engine.

During my original rolling restoration I paint stripped the entire vehicle and on the bottom layer of ‘County’ cream I discovered sign-written Milk Marketing Board logos on the doors showing “Mount’s Milk” and a company address in Southend(?). I took tracings of these but stupidly threw them away when I sold it. I now have no record other than my memory with which to replicate these markings, unless…

…does anyone have any photos of it at Dunsfold or Old Sodbury, as I took it to both of these in a state of semi-paint stripping with the markings visible?

I’ve spent the last 4 months replacing all the brakes, including fitting a 4:1 servo which led the MoT tester to lock all 4 wheels on the test! I’ve also removed all the extras apart from the winch as that will actually be very useful round the farm. (I wouldn’t have fitted it myself but since it’s now there…)

Sadly just after the MoT the clutch began to slip so it’s currently stripped with the gearbox out and in pieces in the workshop – I may as well rebuild that while it’s out. My deadline is to be back on the road in time for the S1 meet at Brooklands on 22nd Feb.

Oh, and I plan to have a stainless steel exhaust fitted by then too…

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help with the milk signs or any other help.

Thanks and regards – Mike


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