Just getting to understand the forum and say Hullo to lovely High/low range fans

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Just joined the club after a useful conversation at the series 1 club stand at the LR show Sunday Sept 12 a week ago. I should have joined in 1966 when I bought my first 80" series 1 (of several) from a school friend for 30.. O there was not a club then? Oh well. My everyday transport has been nothing but series 1 ever since. Current wheels are a 1954 107" called Sadie and I have had her for 42 years and she has always got me home despite the usual wheels parting company, propshafts flailing around underneath not to mention being jammed in 2nd low range for an 8 mile journey home. Sadie is old, battered and treated mercilessly in the mud gathering trees, stone, concrete. and towing mobile toilets. I am sure she is not the oldest series 1 LR still working for a living but she must be one of the most abused.
I might try to post a picture of a typical tree stump removal if I can get my tech-savvy children to do the complicated bit. In the meantime, I am delighted to become a member of a wonderful fraternity.  Bless you!!

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Wellcome! Great you use your lwb as intended. Im looking forward to see some pictures of your workhorse.


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Welcome to the club and forum. Its good to hear your Land Rover is still doing what it was built for. Wed definitely like to see some photos they are popular on here.

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Yep Ill echo those welcoming messages and good youve joined at last. I joined in about 1981/2 I think then had a sabbatical in 1989/90 until family situation changed and I was able to rejoin in about 2004/5.
You will not regret it and having a working 107 will earn you much street credit :cool:.

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I'd like to hear more about "wheels parting company" ? Either I haven't owned my 86" long enough, or I've just been lucky?

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Re the "wheels parting company" Here goes. The early 107's had a semi floating rear axle as mine did at the time. I think the 86" was the same, and the integrity of the axle relied on a single bearing with a collar to retain the bearing and run in the oil seal. I had little or no warning when that bearing failed but it did allowing the wheel, brakedrum and halfshaft to emerge from the axle in one piece on to the road. A case of "three wheels on my wagon." That was fortunately the only time I have ever had to walk home which mercifully was only a couple of miles. I found enough parts to re-assemble and get back to home base. I now have  a much more robust Salisbury axle fitted as I have a terrible habit of breaking half shafts and bending (yes bending) axle casings through gross overloading when those single bearings really protest.
Am I meant to be telling these sort of stories on this forum?? Shout me down if anything I say or do should not be public knowledge if only to prevent the misuse of the finest vehicles ever made.   Cheers, Dick..   Photo to follow sometime.
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Oh yes, you should, if only to reassure those of us who have had similar problems that we are not alone. Welcome!

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Bending the rear axle with semi floating bearings will probably wreck the wheel bearings faster than overloading , seen both , especially on off-road trials vehicles.  I wonder if there is a barrel roller bearing available the same size, that would help no end.


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