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Member rejoining
- Feb 11, 2021 - 19:38
Hi decided ive done enough freeloading on the Forum I let my membership lapse when domestic issues led to me selling my 86 a couple of years ago, started work on my 107 then lockdown 1.0 came in, then a bit of freedom.then where we are now.
So I've rejoined in the hope that there may be some rallies later this year to attend with my 107 hybrid so folk can point out the numerous inaccuracies
Conversely I may decide to convert her back to a pick up by then . Decisions, decisions.
107s rule haha. Though I have my eye on a local late 80 tucked away...

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Re: Member rejoining
Reply #1 - Feb 12, 2021 - 08:05
Welcome back Alan
I left for twenty odd years back in 1988! Getting married had something to do with it lol.
A lot happened during my wilderness years, losing a sense of what was evolving in the club and the many finds that had been made and improvements especially in spares etc. We’re all hoping to get back out on the road so another S1 to wave at will be great. :steering:


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