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Courier / Shipping
- Jun 03, 2016 - 07:37

 I occasionally hear on the Forum that folks search for a suitable courier and ask for recommendation so I thought I'd offer some alternatives to the usual P2Go / Interparcel etc  that I've used over the last year with some success.  One was for a job lot of nine wheels and tyres and the other was for an 86 tilt frame set, cannot remember which did what but details below ......

 " Fastlane international "  .....

 " P4D "   .......      ... had an email from them this morning ( which prompted my post ) advising they will now carry up to
                                                                     85 Kgs and also up to 3 Metres in length without surcharge, I have had in the past problems with
                                                                     long items with most couriers.

  Anyway ......  the above may be worth a quote   ......  hope this helps  :tiphat:


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