What I did with someone else's Land Rover today

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   This is Series 2 rather than Series One but thought you may enjoy it ......

  I had a call today from a neighbour I used to live next door to asking if I could help him with his SII Land Rover as it wouldn't start - 1960 2.25 petrol.
Thinking about 2 hrs would sort it including driving there and back I said yes ok but I didn't expect things to be as bad as they turned out to be ..............

After some basic checks were made I found the distributor was not sending the spark to No 1 cylinder when on compression stroke and the plug leads were also arranged in the wrong order. Sorting this had a running engine ....... but ......

The cloud of blue smoke coming out of the exhaust was choking and so bad that the entire driveway and house was quickly becoming obscured and was drifting across the road amid a number of vocal protests from passing motorists.     
In an effort to avoid the attention of the police I had to then run the engine with a hose fitted to the exhaust and bubble it through a bucket of water....

The neighbour told me he had rebuilt the engine and couldn't understand why he was having these problems.

I asked if he had fitted the valve stem oil seals but he didn't know what they were so obviously they were left out.
The engine was also incredibly tight to turn over so I asked if he had gapped the piston rings as he had had a rebore done - his blank expression told me no !
When asked about the rebore he said he just gave the block to a shop and asked for a plus 30 rebore and then went out and bought some plus thirty pistons !
Hardly daring to ask further I emboldened myself and asked if he had checked the nip of the shell bearings and as expected he hadn't.....

I expect there were other nightmares hidden away that I didn't want to ask about and when he sheepishly enquired if I could rebuild the engine properly for him I thanked god and my lucky stars that I was still recovering from spinal surgery and had a good excuse to say no ..... phew !!!!

Just before I left to return home he mentioned he was having some difficulty with his brakes also and could I possibly spare the time to offer an opinion

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Re: What I did with someone else's Land Rover today
Reply #1 - Jul 18, 2014 - 09:57
Brilliant story!
It reminds me that quite often I am the biggest tool in my garage and must be careful what I take on....... :tic:

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Re: What I did with someone else's Land Rover today
Reply #2 - Jul 18, 2014 - 15:20
On the plus side at least he doesn't need an MOT :shakinghead:

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Re: What I did with someone else's Land Rover today
Reply #3 - Jul 18, 2014 - 17:37
Probably not much wrong with it , before the rebuild !
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