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Author Topic: AFK 393 A  (Read 433 times)

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August 13, 2019 - 16:42
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Offline bevelrub

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About a year and a half of LRSOC membership now. I have met a number of people local to me in Sussex and have attended two National Rallies. My 1955 (1956 model) 107" has featured on the website before, pictured full of hay bales ! I have enjoyed helping the car earn its keep with trips to the tip and filling the back with horse poo !! Interestingly it also featured in Legend when with the previous owner, I looked back in the archive on the website to find his thoughts on the car. Some of the concrete he noted in the back is still there, digging it out feels like it is going to rip up the floor !! I read somewhere about the openness of the aluminium molecular structure means that it bonds quite readily with other materials  ;D  I have acquired an overdrive unit and that has made the driving experience much better, not that it was bad in the first place. Said previous owner had stripped the old paint away showing evidence of red oxide, yellow, green and dove grey. I like the latter and am now working my way through painting the car with primer, undercoat and matt dove grey. Still, calm and not too hot days are a bit thin on the ground at the moment and I have run out of parts I can take indoors to work on. I will post again as and when it is all one colour !
ATB John

August 13, 2019 - 18:23
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Offline mutley1954

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Welcome to the forum, from another A reg member AAW429A , do you know why, or how yours got the A plate.
 I think mine lost its 3X3 numbers  , sold a good while back , when the donor vehicle had little value . There is some debate about keeping
 the A, or trying to get an age related plate from DVLA .  I  am not really bothered either way, and think its been on there long enough to
stay on there . Good luck with your resto, and look forward to some pictures. The 107 LWB  are now becoming more numerous, as they get
restored .
1955 S1 hardtop, A reg finished at last after 9 yrs,
  Also 110 defender Tdci, BMW Z3

August 14, 2019 - 08:46
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Offline bevelrub

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Hello Mutley,
Yes, I too am quite ambivalent about the "A" plate. It is, after all, a part of the car's history. The original reg was sold off at some point and I understand it was on a Defender 90 and is now on an Evoque. Depending on when it happened AFK relates to Worcestershire (pre 1974) or Dudley (post 1974). The car started life in northern Scotland, through a dealership in Inverness. The previous owner lived in Hampshire and takes the credit for much of the work undertaken to bring the car back to life from being a builder's skip !
I wonder if the 107"s are becoming more numerous as swb vehicles become more difficult to get hold of ? My initial idea was to get a 1952 80" but when I saw this one and the work which had been done on the car it "spoke to me" ;D
ATB John

August 20, 2019 - 09:44
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Offline bevelrub

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Just about getting the hang of this posting malarkey. I ought to have added the above to the post I started on June 12 2018 so that I am continuing the story ! Anyway here is an image of a load of s :censored: just before the patina met its demise with a 4" roller  :smiley: . More images to follow as promised.