Land Rover Series One Club
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Club Shop Parts List

The following parts, listed in Land Rover parts number order, are stocked by the Club Shop. Please check that these are correct for your vehicle prior to ordering using a suitable Parts Book or contact the Club Shop for clarification if you are unsure.

Last updated: February 2017

All prices exclude VAT for UK/EU purchases and are plus Postage & Packing at cost

2504Dis Housing Lock Bolt0.85
3188Bush Vib Damper12.00
3236Stud Gearbox in 5s0.50
3238Stud Transfer Box in 5s0.50
3294Level Plug Diff2.40
3650Stud Gbox/flywheel Housing in 5s0.50
6318Stud for Top Rocker Cover. 2 15/16 Inch Long0.35
7048Spring Return for Master Cylinder & Throttle2.50
7142Stator Tube Clamp 489.10
7289Dowel Top Cover0.10
7925Bearing Cap Stud 1.60.90
9034OiI Gallery Pipe10.00
9039Oil Pump Locating Bolt4.10
9052Bolt Dist Housing Feed1.95
9084Starter Motor Housing30.00
9092Cam Thrust Plate Front5.25
9225Oil Pump Shield1.95
41379Stainless Steel Brake Pipe Clips (pack of 10)7.50
52181Oil Pump Filter Distance Piece1.25
52189Oil Pump Screen Cup Washer0.45
52278Dist Housing Cork Seal0.45
55636Dowel Gearbox in 5s0.50
55729Plate Freewheel Member 48-5.50
58192Shackle Plate Tapped for rear 1948-53 pair14.00
76356Seat Back Buffer 80" spade3.33
210604Spring bush(use 230713)
210691Shackle Plate Plain Rear 1948 - 536.00
210699Shackle Pin Rear of Rear 1948 - 507.00
211502Oil seal for pinion0.60
212104Stud Trans Box Btm in 5s0.25
212136Inlet Valve Cup Early 1.52.00
212322Head Gasket 1600 (Copper)27.50
212333Head Bolt Long 1948 - 582.50
212341Time Chain Piston Pivot Pin5.25
212363Adj Arm Time Chain 1.5/225.00
212364Time Chain Adj Pin7.00
212557Petrol Pump Mounting pad4.50
212558Rubber Bush Fuel Pump Mount3.50
213574Thermostat Switch For Choke Warning Light43.50
213810Rear End Cover For Cylinder Head52.50
214228Clip for Vac pipe0.75
214229Grommet for Advance and Retard Pipe2.65
214231Vacuum pipe(use LR0011)
214262Spark Plug Cap10.00
214350Rocker Inlet RH Upper11.50
214351Rocker Inlet LH Upper11.50
214787Oil seal for cross shaft RHD2.60
215272Bolt - Top Of Flywheel Housing0.90
215887Start Dog On Crank9.50
215936Crank Damp Inc Bush20.00
216322Oil Filter(use LR0013)
217288Front Axle Drive Shaft 80 RH36.00
217289Front Axle Drive Shaft 80 LH38.00
217429Fork Freewheel Type Select8.00
217523Spacer / PTO0.45
217575Rubber Conection Elbow to Connecting Tube28.00
217763Plug For Indent Spring4.50
217766Circlip Large1.95
217973Stud Trans/hbrake in 5s0.50
217976Stud Gearbox in 5s0.50
217979Connecting tube for clutch cross shaft27.50
218294Housing for accelerator and pedal shaft50.00
218511Steering Rod Clamp in 2s4.00
218576Fan belt(use LR0016)
219466Intermediate Shaft Bearing (pair)55.00
219482Lever Assy For Cross Shaft12.70
219499Hand Throttle Spindle Nla2.90
219504Piston Time Chain Adj9.25
219583- use 239718 --
219689Dust Cover Steering Box12.00
219690Spring Dust Cover Steering6.00
219988Oil seal for cross shaft LHD7.50
230169Oil Filter Outlet Union7.50 - use LR0095
230284Reservoir Pipe SB0026 - 8016.00
230689Shackle Plate Tapped Front 1948 - 509.75
230690Shackle Plate Plain Front 1948 - 506.00
230713Spring and chassis bush (narrow spring)5.00
230721Shackle Pin spring to frame7.00
231046Head Gasket Early 2L  (Copper)27.50
231057Top Rocker Shaft17.50
231189Fuel Cap Series 1 1948 - 5875.00
231289Bellcrank Hand/Throttle on Manifold11.50
231291Relay Lever5.95
231292Throttle Bell Crank6.85
231479Pack Plate For Sump6.00
231575Sealing Washer Copper in 5s1.00
232145Oil Cooler Valve10.00
232417Lockwasher swivel pin in 10s1.00
233241Locking Dog7.50
233397FWD Fork5.00
233398Selector Shaft Link27.50
233407Rocker High-Low Select13.20
233414Guide-4wd Lever8.95
233480Water Temperature/Oil Pressure Guage(use LR0083)
233607Set Bolt Main Bearing Rear 1948 - 581.50
233625Shackle Pin Rear Of Front7.50
233629Shackle Plate Plain Front 1950 - 55 (pair)12.00
233630Shackle Plate Tapped Front 1950 - 555.85
233681Dist Drive Shaft12.00
234089Outlet Pipe Oil Filter11.00
234091Oil Filter Inlet Pipe 48-53(use LR0012)
234534Transfer Box Bush in 2s1.00
234643Gearbox Mount RH9.95
234993Exhaust Valve(use LR0022/16)
235010Spring Anchor Plate in 3s6.00
235083Oil Pump Shaft Long 2.05.00
236305Oil seal for rear mainshaft4.50
236417Oil seals output shafts1.20
236824Special washer for pedal9.50
236923Hub seal rear(use 2x LR0085)
236969Shackle Pin Rear Of Rear 1954 on3.25
236986Battery Frame (577020)16.00
237223Acc Bracket2.50
237345Head Bolt Short 1948 - 582.50
237397Bush for relay shaft, large LHD15.50
237402Bush for relay shaft, small LHD11.50
237404Cross shaft rod LHD11.00
237868Air hose(use LR0009)
237946Cross shaft for clutch operation LHD120.00
237984Thrust washer for pedal9.50
239566Combined Instrument25.00
23971880" Bump Stop27.50
240730Oil Gauge Pipe 27537720.00
240807D Washer Pedal Shaft 54-58 in 2s0.50
240837Bush for brake pedal lever, RHD10.00
240838Bush for clutch pedal lever, RHD10.00
242180Steering Lever Upper Idler5.00
242259Steering Box Drop Arm9.00
242648Oil Pump Spring2.95
243141Halfshaft RHF 54 onwards35.00
243142Halfshaft LHF 54-5825.00
243531Inlet Manifold Stud0.50
243611Trans Box Output Shaft10.00
244163Shackle Plate Tapped 1/2 Bsf for Rear Springs 1954 - 583.50
247154Crank Pulley Damper Diesel4.00
251324Nut for Shackle Pin (1/2" BSF)0.49
261240Side Entry Distributor Cap 80" (LU415707)50.00
2614071600 48-51 Head/Decoke Set48.00
262102Early 2 Litre 52-54 Head/Decoke Set48.00
262796Spark Plug(use LR0071)
263666Head Gasket Late 2L  (Copper)27.50
264137Exhaust Valve(use LR0022/20)
264779Pork Pie Lens Assembly (reproduction)105.00
265488Sealing Ring Steering Box0.45
267829Distributor Drive Shaft24.00
268791Speedo Sleeve7.00
269365Late 2 Litre 55-58 Head/Decoke Set48.00
270521Shackle Plate Front Tapped 1956 - 65 (pair)6.00
270702Steering Arm Lower5.00
270741Shackle Pin Front Of Front and Front Of Rear7.25
270841Steering Drop Arm5.00
273257Valve Spring In/Ex3.00
276376Ptrol Pipe(use 276267)
275709Hand Throttle Lever4.25
276267Petrol Pipe22.00
278165Diesel Temp Adaptor15.00
300962Door Buffer on Wing 48-513.75
301141Rubber Buffer for door 80"3.33
301389Grommet Starter Motor Hole10.42
302300Screen Seal 80"22.00
302363Seat Locating Buffer3.75
302451Cab Backlight(use LR0093)
302452Cab Backlight(use LR0093)
302552Door Buffer on Wing 52-533.75
302567Radiator Grille 51-5825.00
302786Corner Bracket RH14.00
302983Bracket Seat Box LH19.50
303841Sliding window(use LR0020)
303957Body Stiff Bracket 86/8812.50
304110Door Buffer on Wing 54-583.75
304111Blanking Plate2.00
304211Rubber Seal for Canopy13.00
304212Stiffening Strip for Canopy Seal12.00
304347Seat Locating Dowel 86/882.50
307421Screen Seal 86/8820.00
317391Reverse Selector Fork9.65
506799Ring Gear Late 2.0 2463305.00
551743Seal for Fuel Cap (261509)6.00
RTC1958Fork Selector 642240.00


LR0001Pork Pie Gasket12.50
LR0002Pork Pie Lamp Base16.50
LR0003Pork Pie Repair Kit (contains LR0001, 2 & 4)30.00
LR0004Pork Pie Back Plate6.50
LR0005Pork Pie Lamp Complete - Reproduction125.00
LR0006Air Cleaner Instruction Sticker2.00
LR0007Period Servicing Sticker1.50
LR0008Oil Back Air Filter Level Sticker1.50
LR0009Air Hose11.00
LR0010Door Seal 86/88 (new profile) per Metre5.00 per m
LR0011Vacuum pipe15.00
LR0012Bypass oil filter oil pipes (copper)30.00
LR0013Spin-on oil filter conversion kit95.00
LR0016Series One fan belts NEW (not old stock)18.00
LR001780" (1/4) brake pipe sets105.00
LR001886"  (3/16) brake pipe sets75.00
LR0019107" & 109" brake pipe sets80.00
LR0009Air Filter Hose11.00
LR002086/88/107/109 Sliding Door Windows (each)18.00
LR0020/286/88/107/109 Sliding Door Windows (pair)35.00
LR0022/16Hardened exhaust valves (set of four) 1.6l70.00
LR0022/20Hardened exhaust valves (set of four)2.0l55.00
LR0023MAP Freewheel Hub Brass pins pack of 100.75
LR0070Window Felt Kits (per door)6.00
LR007980" Door Window (1 fixed, 1 slider) 1948/5135.00
LR008080in Door Window (1 fixed, 1 slider) 1952/5335.00
LR0069Fitting Kit (Temp/Oil Pressure)45.00
LR0083Water Temperature/Oil Pressure Guage (233480)112.00
LR0087Rocker Cover Gasket Set11.50
LR008888in Brake Pipe Set75.00
LR0092Botom end (conversion) gasket set40.00
LR0093Sliding Cab Back Lights45.00
LR0094Oil Gauge Pipe(1/8" BSP)20.00
LR0095Oil Filter Outlet Union7.50
LR0071Spark plug2.50
LR0085Oil seal rear hub (modification)5.00
LR0100Acorn Nut & Washer for plug cap2.50
LR0101Steering drop arm puller30.00


LR005980in Parts Book - reproduction of TP/111G30.00
LR0060Workshop Manual - reproduction of TP/138/A (March 1951)32.00
LR006186/88/107/109in Parts Book - reproduction of TP/155E30.00
LR006286/88/107/109in Workshop Manual32.00
LR006380in Parts Book, early 1948 specific - reproduction of TP/111A20.00
LR0091Instruction Manual 48-5814.50


LR0044Key Fob Land Rover logo4.50
LR0050LRSOC Enamel Grille Badge16.00
LR0052Green metal lapel badge (Land Rover)2.00
LR0053Cloth Club badge - as windscreen sticker2.00
LR0054Baseball Cap Green - Brushed Cotton7.00
LR0056LRSOC Polo Shirt - Green: S/M/L/XL/XXL15.00
LR0057LRSOC Sweat Shirt - Green embroidered design19.00
LR0058LRSOC Fleece - Green only: S/M/L/XL/XXL28.00
LR0090Flag 4' x 3' Club Logo18.75

PAINT (Note postage restrictions outside of UK mainland apply):

LR0024Engine Paint, 80in 1600 & early 2 litre engines11.00
LR0025Engine Paint Grey, later 2 litre engines11.00
LR0075PPA Brushing Additive (for use with LR0077)5.79
LR0076Thinners 1L (for use with LR0077)6.66
LR0077Coach Enamel 1L23.29


LR0067Whitworth Spanners18.00
LR0068Whitworth Sockets15.00
LR0086Brake Pipe Bender13.00


LR0026Brockhouse Trailer Number Plate15.00
LR0027Brockhouse Replacement (late) Trailer Load Plate15.00
LR0028Early 80in oblong etched oil recommendation plate9.00
LR0029Late 80in (alloy) oil recommendation plate8.00
LR003088in red on silver (alloy) oil recommendation plate8.00
LR003180in plate "Made by Rover Car Co"7.50
LR003280in Ring-pull operated freewheel lock12.00
LR003380in Yellow knob operated freewheel lock (black)9.50
LR003480in Yellow knob operated freewheel lock (red)8.00
LR003780in chassis no plate 866... series11.50
LR003580in chassis no plate 1949 up to 16100602 (black)11.50
LR003680in chassis no plate 1951 from 1610060312.50
LR003880in 261 and 361 series plate *12.50
LR003986in, 107in 1954 - 55 (bold ROVER CO) *12.50
LR004088in, 109" type *12.50
LR0041Tyre wear 4x4 warning plate (red)7.50
LR0042Freewheel hub warning plate8.00

NB exact change of plate styleis not known, if in doubt please supply picture of your original.
Plates only supplied stamped.
Copy of V5c (or equivelent documentation ) required.

Prices excl P&P and VAT, correct at date of publication above.
Payment by Credit/Debit card only.
Carriage calculated on size, weight and value of order.
Correctly supplied items returned for credit will incur a 10% handling charge min 6.00
Manufacturers part numbers used for reference only.

To order please contact or telephone Russell Hearn, details in Legend