Land Rover Series One Club
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Our Club Shop offers a range of reprinted Workshop Manuals and Parts Books, LRSOC branded goods, and a large stock of spares and replacement parts, many of which are now extremely difficult to find.

A selection of non-parts book listed items is listed below but if you are looking for a specific part (NOS or replacement) and have the Parts Book part number, see our separate Parts List. We are still building an online Club Shop but a small selection of goods are available - see Online Shop.

If you're still at a loss, try posting on our Forum and somebody will come back to you, usually within a few hours of making a request.

To order any item contact Russell Hearn (Chug on the forum) at or give him a call (between 12pm and 7pm please) on the telephone number published in Legend.

Please note: All prices quoted are excluding VAT for UK/EU purchasers


LR0001Pork Pie Gasket12.50
LR0002Pork Pie Lamp Base16.50
LR0003Pork Pie Repair Kit (contains LR0001, 2 & 4)30.00
LR0004Pork Pie Back Plate6.50
LR0005Pork Pie Lamp Complete - Reproduction125.00
LR0006Air Cleaner Instruction Sticker2.00
LR0007Period Servicing Sticker1.50
LR0008Oil Back Air Filter Level Sticker1.50
LR0009Air Hose11.00
LR0010Door Seal 86/88 (new profile) per Metre5.00 per m
LR0011Vacuum pipe15.00
LR0012Bypass oil filter oil pipes (copper)30.00
LR0013Spin-on oil filter conversion kit95.00
LR0016Series One fan belts NEW (not old stock)18.00
LR001780" (1/4) brake pipe sets90.00
LR001886"  (3/16) brake pipe sets75.00
LR0019107" & 109" brake pipe sets70.00
LR0009Air Filter Hose11.00
LR002086/88/107/109 Sliding Door Windows (each)18.00
LR0020/286/88/107/109 Sliding Door Windows (pair)35.00
LR0022/16Hardened exhaust valves (set of four) 1.6l70.00
LR0022/20Hardened exhaust valves (set of four) 2.0l55.00
LR0023MAP Freewheel Hub Brass pins pack of 100.75
LR0070Window Felt Kits (per door)6.00
LR007980" Door Window (1 fixed, 1 slider) 1948/5135.00
LR008080in Door Window (1 fixed, 1 slider) 1952/5335.00
LR0069Fitting Kit (Temp/Oil Pressure)45.00
LR0083Water Temperature/Oil Pressure Guage (233480)112.00
LR0087Rocker Cover Gasket Set9.50
LR008888in Brake Pipe Set75.00
LR0092Botom end (conversion) gasket set40.00
LR0093Sliding Cab Back Lights45.00
LR0071Spark plug2.50
LR0085Oil seal rear hub (modification)5.00
LR00100Acorn Nut & Washer for plug cap2.50
LR00101Steering drop arm puller30.00


LR005980in Parts Book - reproduction of TP/111G32.00
LR0060Workshop Manual - reproduction of TP/138/A (March 1951)30.00
LR006186/88/107/109in Parts Book - reproduction of TP/155E32.00
LR006286/88/107/109in Workshop Manual30.00
LR006380in Parts Book - Early 1948, reproduction of TP/111A20.00
LR0091Instruction Manual 48-5814.50


LR0044Key Fob Land Rover logo4.50
LR0050LRSOC Enamel Grille Badge16.00
LR0052Green metal lapel badge (Land Rover)2.00
LR0053Cloth Club badge - as windscreen sticker2.00
LR0054Baseball Cap Green - Brushed Cotton7.00
LR0056LRSOC Polo Shirt - Green: S/M/L/XL/XXL15.00
LR0057LRSOC Sweat Shirt - Green embroidered design19.00
LR0058LRSOC Fleece - Green only: S/M/L/XL/XXL28.00
LR0090Flag 4' x 3' Club Logo18.75

PAINT (Note postage restrictions outside of UK mainland apply):

LR0024Engine Paint, 80in 1600 & early 2 litre engines11.00
LR0025Engine Paint Grey, later 2 litre engines11.00
LR0075PPA Brushing Additive (for use with LR0077)5.79
LR0076Thinners 1L (for use with LR0077)6.66
LR0077Coach Enamel 1L23.29


LR0067Whitworth Spanners18.00
LR0068Whitworth Sockets15.00
LR0086Brake Pipe Bender13.00


LR0026Brockhouse Trailer Number Plate15.00
LR0027Brockhouse Replacement (late) Trailer Load Plate15.00
LR0028Early 80in oblong oil recommendation plate9.00
LR0029Late 80in (alloy) oil recommendation plate8.00
LR003088in red on silver (alloy) oil recommendation plate8.00
LR003180in plate "Made by Rover Car Co"7.50
LR003280in Ring-pull operated freewheel lock12.00
LR003380in Yellow knob operated freewheel lock (black)9.50
LR003480in Yellow knob operated freewheel lock (red)8.00
LR003780in chassis no plate 866... series11.50
LR003580in chassis no plate 1949 up to 16100602 (black)11.50
LR003680in chassis no plate 1951 from 1610060312.50
LR003880in 261 and 361 series plate *12.50
LR003986in, 107in 1954 - 55 (bold ROVER CO) *12.50
LR004088in, 109" type *12.50
LR0041Tyre wear 4x4 warning plate (red)7.50
LR0042Freewheel hub warning plate8.00

NB exact change of plate styleis not known, if in doubt please supply picture of your original.
Plates only supplied stamped.
Copy of V5c (or equivelent documentation ) required.

To order or discuss your requirements, contact:

Russell Hearn

  Payment by Credit / Debit card only (Paypal can also be arranged)
  Delivery time up to 28 days. Overseas post at cost (please state whether surface or air).
  Correctly supplied items returned for credit will incur a 10% handling charge min 6.00
  The Club can now supply parts directly to the USA and Canada.